SANAS Testing


Defcon Protec is affiliated to Wool Test Bereau (WTBSA) who are a SANAS Accredited Laboratory with the following capabilities:

  • Physical testing of textile products
  • Fastness testing of textile products
  • Accelerated aging and weathering testing

Standard test methods are used according to SANAS, ISO, BS, Woolworths, DIN or ASTM. In special cases, customer specific requirements can be specified (CSR).

WTBSA prides in quick turnaround times and accelerated responses in order to meet the demands of quick approvals for textile products. In terms of delivering a full service, WTBSA have an agreement in place with external ISO 17025 / SANS 10378 laboratories and can arrange third party testing for:


  • Stab resistance testing (NIJ 0115.00)
  • Ballistic resistance testing NIJ 01.01.04/06
  • Ballistic resistance testing STANAG 2920/MIL STD 662-F
  • V50 results for a variety of fragment sizes


  • EN 11612:2008
    • Clause 6.2 – Heat resistance
    • 6.3 – Limited flame spread
    • 6.4 – Dimensional change
    • 6.5.1 – Textile strength
    • 6.5.2 – Tear strength
    • 7.2 – Convection heat
    • 7.3 – Radiant heat
  • UNE-EN 61482-1
    • Electric Arc Exposure test – Determination of the Arc Rating (ATPV or EB750) of Flame Resistant material clothing.
  • NFPA 1971:2013
    • Requirements for outer fabrics for turnout gear
      • Flame resistance of textiles – vertical tests
      • Heat resistance
      • Determination of tear resistance
      • Determination of dimensional changes/stability
      • Water resistance – Impact penetration test
      • Determination of Breaking Strength and elongation