Our verification is your confidence

The new force in SANAS accredited quality and consignment verifications

Certified Inspection Authority

SANAS Accreditation

Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd is a SANAS Accredited provider of quality auditing and product verification services.

We provide independent and objective quality assurance to all customers, through in depth verification activities designed to add confidence, certainty and value, in order to support business development.

Key customers that Defcon Protec focus on are all those involved in the supply chain for contracts and tenders for Private and State Owned Enterprises.

We offer an independent compliance verification, quality audit and product assurance service for textiles, apparel and footwear aimed at military markets and government contracts. Our level of data accuracy and in depth data mining in textile manufacturing facilities is a South African first.

Defcon Protec endeavours to grow the South African textile economy and create sustainable employment by supporting SMME’s and BBBEE businesses.

Defcon Protec Business Capability Reports are accepted by The South African National Treasury, South African Police Service, South African Air Force, South African Navy, Department of Correctional Services, Armscor, Mango Airlines and many other national and provincial purchasing authorities.