Defcon Protec Objectives

Interact professionally with all Private and Public Purchasing Authorities in order to support their goals of realising product supply consistent with specifications on a continuous basis.

Interact professionally with all Suppliers and Manufacturers of Tender and Contract items in order to support their goals of product verification, manufacturing consistency, quality testing and system technical support.

Provide training support and technical input as part of BBBEE Enterprise Development in order to drive quality performance and achieve exceptional service delivery for all Stakeholders.


Mission Statement

Defcon Protec is a SANAS Accredited provider of quality auditing and product verification services.

Our Mission is to provide independent and objective quality assurance to all customers, through in depth verification activities designed to add confidence, certainty and value, in order to support business development.

Key customers that Defcon Protec focus on are all those involved in the supply chain for contracts and tenders for Private and State Owned Enterprises.


BEE Compliance

Defcon Protec is a Level 4 Contributor to B-BBEE. This means that our customers can claim 100% of their procurement spend with Defcon Protec to count towards their own B-BBEE scorecard.