Disclaimer – Scope of Limitations

VeriCon and BCR and Audits Disclaimer


Inspection findings are intended to report conditions of non-compliance that are readily apparent at the time of inspection and testing. All information cited herein is expressed or implied on the basis of results obtained from the LAQ sample size and is not based on 100% inspection or testing.

Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd provides quality audits and product verifications against agreed National or Private Standards, Specifications, or if required, verifications that are done against predetermined Customer Specific Requirements.
Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd performs audits and relevant performance checks on selected products, items or fabrics in accordance with consignment inspection standards as required.

The performance or quality of any product, item or fabric, is the responsibility of the Client’s management. The responsibility of Defcon Protec is to base our findings on the sample evaluated in order to express a scientific opinion on the outcomes of the results based on our audit. Using International sampling techniques, the inspection or audit of the sample should in reality represent the performance of the full consignment.

Defcon Protec conduct our audits in accordance with SANAS accredited standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the quality systems, products or fabrics being presented for accreditation, complies with all requirements of the contract and that the results obtained are free of material misstatement or consignment tampering. An audit includes examining, testing, inspecting and verification of documents, to obtain evidence supporting the findings and outcomes of the audit.

A VeriCon audit also includes assessing the quality certifications, the Business Capability Reports and Consignment Inspection results in order to fully represent the final outcomes as being representative of the lot.

We believe that our audit procedures for the VeriCon certification provides a reasonable basis for our opinion and the final results.


Important Information Regarding the Scope and Limitations of Audits / Inspections and the BCR Reports


1. Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd reports are NOT an all-encompassing document dealing with every defect or shortcoming or obtaining full disclosure during inspections or audits in terms of every aspect of the goods or company information being evaluated. It is a reasonable attempt to identify any obvious or significant defects apparent at the time of the inspection or audit based on the sample size inspected, or the accuracy of information obtained from the staff interviewed and documentation presented.

2. Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd will perform VISUAL INSPECTION and record audit information ONLY, limited to those areas and sections of the business fully accessible and visible to the Inspector on the Date of Inspection. The inspection DOES NOT include the checking and verification of every item and the test results obtained from an accredited SANAS Laboratory is also based on the independently and randomly selected items or documents in terms of the sampling plan based on Lot size, to verify and assess the inspection and audit information.

3. The Auditor in the final Report/Evaluation/Verification does not and cannot comment on defects or information that may have been concealed; or the assessment of information that is deliberately modified or altered in order to prevent rejections or discoveries which may be detrimental to the final outcomes. Accordingly the final Report is not a guarantee that defects and/or damage does not exist in any lot or documentation or procedures of the business. (NB: Such matters may upon request be covered under the terms of a Special-purpose Report where 100% inspection or Independent audits are requested and a registered Chartered Accountant is used for a full forensic audit).

4. CONSUMER COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: In the event of any controversy or claims arising out of, or relating to any work performed by Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd, either party must give written notice of the dispute to the other party. If the dispute is not resolved within ten (10) days from the service of the Notice then the dispute shall be referred to a mediator nominated by the Inspector. Should the dispute not be resolved by mediation then either party may refer the dispute to the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators of South Africa for resolution by arbitration.

5. The Use of Photo’s: The report may include photographs. Some picture are intended as a courtesy and are added for information. Some are to help clarify where the inspector has been, what was looked at and the condition of the product/Lot/Items at the time of the inspection. Some pictures may be of deficiencies or problem areas, these are to increase understanding what is documented in the report and may allow you to see areas or items you normally would not see. Photographic support will only be utilized in exceptional circumstances and approval will be obtained to take photographs from the relevant business.

6. Report Ownership: Defcon Protec will remain the owner of the report at all times. The inspection/audit fee paid by the Client is for the physical inspection only and Defcon Protec remains the owner of all rights and copyrights of the written report. Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd grants the Client named on the report a copy for his or her information only. All rights are reserved. No part of the report may be reproduced in any manner or passed on to any third party without the express written consent of Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd. Where inspections/audits are done on behalf of a third party, the report ownership will be transferred to the third party under the conditions of the agreement between Defcon Protec (Pty) Ltd and the Third Party.




DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: No Liability shall be accepted on an account of failure of the Report to identify or notify any problems in the Lot or Audit results of the subject business where information was inaccessible for inspection, or to which access for Inspection or document was denied by or to the Inspector (including but not limited to the sampling plan size based on recognized LAQ Tables)

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY TO THE THIRD PARTIES: This Report is made solely for the use and benefit of the Client named on the report. No liability or responsibility whatsoever, in contract or sort, is accepted to any third party who may rely on the report wholly or in part. Any third party acting or relying on this report, in whole or in part does so at his or her own risk.

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