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Company Name BCR Cert Nr Expiry Date VeriCon Cert Nr Expiry Date Key Products Website
Roma Ties 006 29-Aug-19 Neckwear
Frame Knitting Manufacturers 007 03-Sep-19 Knitted Fabrics
Trojan Textiles 008 19-Sep-19 Knitted Fabrics
Boishaki Garment Manufacturers 010 16-Oct-19 Uniforms/Clothing none
Faimo Trading 011 16-Oct-19 Uniforms/Clothing none
Pasadena Leather Products 012 02-Nov-19 Leather Items
iProtec Kit & Gear 013 02-Nov-19 Contract items None
Imagemakers Corporate Wear 014 27-Nov-19 Corporate Wear
Finlam Technical 016 24-Jan-20 Laminated fabrics
Nexo Sports South Africa 018 28-Jan-19 Leather Clothing
Sesha Fashions 021 13-Feb-19 Uniforms None
Khanyile Telecom 022 14-Mar-19 Uniforms
Lymae 023 02-Mar-19 Fire Protection
Romatex Home Textiles 024 11-Jun-19 Home Textiles
Bouckaert Soenen Textiles 025 11-Jun-19 Badges/Insignia None
Bohlokwas Clothing and Textiles 027 17-Jun-19 Uniforms None
Casrix 028 19-Jun-19 Knitted Clothing
Africa Blaze Apparel 030 08-Jul-19 Workwear
Nambithi Blanket & Homeware 033 02-Aug-19 Home Textiles
Indlovu Manufacturers 034 09-Aug-19 Medical Textiles None
Aspigon 267 035 09-Aug-19 Medical Textiles None
Aspidus 227 036 09-Aug-19 Medical Textiles None
Gelvenor Textiles 038 26-Aug-19 Performance Fabrics
Tuscany Manufacturing Enterprises 041 11-Sep-19 Contract items None
Bouckaert Soenen 042 11-Sep-19 Sport Clothing none
Tula Clothing 045 24-Sep-19 Uniforms/Clothing none
Grand Uniforms 049 13-Feb-20 Uniforms
Redwood Stationery 050 14-Mar-20 Stationery
Giant Clothing 051 08-Apr-20 Protective Clothing
Alpac Investments 052 15-Apr-20 Uniforms/Clothing
Bouckaert Soenen Textiles 053 13-May-20 Badges/Insignia None
FG Uniforms 054 05-June-20 Uniforms
Asakawu Technologies 055 04-June-20 Uniforms
Kingsgate Clothing 056 02-Jul-20 Uniforms
Mahlongwa Clothing Industries 058 05-Jul-20 Uniforms
Mandlakamoya Trading and Projects 059 15-Jul-20 Uniforms
Justjen Protective Clothing CC 060 17-Jul-20 Protective Clothing
Gina of Charles street 061 18-Jul-20 Clothing
Confect Shockaert 062 24-Jul-20 Moulded items
Stepahead Manufacturing 063 14-Aug-20 Headwear
Aloevale Trading 064 19-Aug-20 Medical Textiles
Leo Garments 065 20-Aug-20 Rainwear/Uniforms
Tula Clothing 066 21-Aug-20 Uniforms / Clothing
Kingswear Trading 067 21-Aug-20 Uniforms / Clothing
New Horizon Metals 068 12-Sept-20 Medical Furniture & Accessories
Earlyworx 069 22-Sept-20 Knitted Products
Africa Soul Footwear Manufacturers 070 02-Oct-20 Footwear
Canvas and Tent 071 17-Oct-20 Tents
The Badge Company 072 06-Nov-20 Badges/Insignia
Winelands Textiles 073 05-Nov-20 Fabric
Svenmill 074 06-Nov-20 Woven/Knitted fabrics
Roma Tie 075 28-Oct-20 Tie Manufacturer
Manhood 076 01-Dec-20 Fabric Manufacturer
Shali Safety Protection Hub and Projects 077 11-Dec-20 Protective Clothing
Kimona Manufacturers 078 09-Dec-20 Uniforms/Corporate
Trumarc (Pty) Ltd 079 23-Jan-21 Protective Clothing
Francarlo Manufacturing 080 27-Jan-21 Uniforms

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